FINAL HOUR, THE by Michael Brown ($12.50)+

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The reports come from deep in the former Soviet Union, where towering apparitions of Jesus and Mary seemed to announce the fall of Communism; from the damp, windswept peat of Ireland, where visions are given of the Crucifixion; from war-torn Yugoslavia, where the Virgin has appeared since 1981; and from a mountainside in Venezuela where the sun pulses and spins and throws off colors of great splendor. During the past century, and especially the last ten years, we on earth have been experiencing a major supernatural episode. Reports of unusual events, spiritual events, are coming from every habitable continent.

In Europe and Asia, Nicaragua and the Middle East, in Africa and Arizona, are accounts of an apparitional woman calling herself the Blessed Virgin Mary who appears to visionaries and gives them inspiration, instructions and messages, including warnings about the future of the world. Since 1830 these messages have forewarned about an evil era and the possible onset of the "end times." There are also allusions to the Anti-Christ. Where these apparitions have occurred, how they relate to our unusual century, and what they have to say about mankind's fate are the subject of this book. Whether you're a believer or disbelieves, Catholic or Protestant, Gentile or Jew, you are about to encounter a series of unearthly events-call them alleged events-unlike any reported in 2000 years.

Akita, Betania, Fatima, Garabandal, Knock--all are obscure places on maps, or are they? Has the mother of Jesus appeared at these and other international locations? Why? Investigative journalist Michael H. Brown provides compelling information about our extraordinary century. This all time best seller includes a fascinating look at secular history and Biblical prophesies! Excellent photos. 368pp.

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