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The Rev. John Galloway offers his insights on life as a pastor. The author begins by drawing a comparison between arriving as a new pastor of a congregation and serving as a facilitator of a family reunion. He explains how congregations are families with tremendous personalities and histories. He believes this analogy is important because ministers often don't understand that they need time to settle into the family and to learn the family's habits and traditions, join in the festivities, and respect the members who have supported the congregation through the years. From there he offers insights on how to do what pastors do best and how to provide an environment in which members want to lead. Galloway continues by exploring a wide range of topics pertinent to pastors, seminarians, and those considering the call to pastoral ministry. The remaining chapters have the following titles:
  1. The Body of Christ,
  2. Commitment,
  3. Spiritual Renewal for the Sake of Mission,
  4. The Mission Committee,
  5. Money Follows Vision,
  6. Knowing What People Give, and Tithe.

John Galloway received his BA in history from Princeton University, and his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He was one of the worship leaders for the General Assembly in 2001 and his sermons are broadcast on two stations in Philadelphia and KDKA in Pittsburgh. He is the author of The Gospel According to Superman (Holman Press, 1973) and How to Stay Christian (Judson Press, 1983).

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