WHAT JESUS MEANT The Beatitudes and a Meaningful Life by Erik Kolbell ($19.95)*

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Challenging our expectations and forcing us to look anew at our reality, Erik Kolbell suggests that the eight pillars of the Beatitudes-meekness, empathy, righteousness, peace, persecution, purity, poverty, and simplicity-are still valuable codes of conduct for our busy, anxious lives. In this engaging book, he masterfully shows the timeless value in these poetic and paradoxical words from Jesus and how they offer relief and direction in our all too-confusing world.

"A timely exploration into the spiritual foundations of the decisions we make in our everyday lives. This is a book that can be meaningful to people of any or no religious persuasion." -Jane Pauley "Erik Kolbell reminds us of the truly radical message the Beatitudes still carry for all of us-eight simple statements with the power to turn the world upside down." - Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund

Erik Kolbell is a freelance writer, psychotherapist, and former Minister of Social Justice at Riverside Church in New York. He is the author of Lifescripts for Family and Friends (Pocket Books 2002), A Lifetime of Prayer (Rodale 2000), and Prayer, Faith, and Healing (Rodale 1999).

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