BEST SERMONS EVER compiled by Christopher Howse ($23.95)*

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Each sermon is introduced by a short note on the preacher and his time and a contemporary prayer is added at the end. The sermons range from hell fire to profound spiritual comfort. John Knox`s sermon castigates the monstrous regiment of women, Bossuet preaches on the love of God and Martin Luther King on his dream of the Promised Land.

Some sermons are familiar as are many of the authors but the book is also packed with surprises- including sermons by Herman Melville, Laurence Sterne and Thomas Aquinas. This unique book will edify, delight and amuse. It is also of quite exceptional historical interest.

Praise for The Best Sermons Ever

"There is certainly plenty of magnificent stuff here."
--The Tablet

"There is much to nourish mind and heart, intellect and will Ė gourmet morsels for the erudite and good staples for the rest of us . . . a delightful book of perceptive, sharp sermons: they inspire and rasp, rebuke and enchant."
--The Spectator

"A fascinating collection which illuminates, informs and even amuses."
--Methodist Recorder

Table of Contents

  1. Prayer: The end in view by Peter the Apostle
  2. Prayer for the Virginís intercession, fourth century; Extract from an ancient homily for Holy Saturday: Christís descent into the underworld; Godís protection by St. Patrick by John Chrysostom
  3. Night prayer by Alcuin by St. Augustine
  4. Prayer: Watch over me by St. Dunstan by Aelfric
  5. Prayer: Come, Creator Spirit; Sermon notes by Thomas Aquinas for the feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle; Prayer of giving by St. Francis of Assissi; Private devotions by St. Bernard
  6. Prayer: Patience works from The Homilies
  7. Morning prayer by Lancelot Andrewes
  8. Prayer: The call by George Herbert by John Donne
  9. Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer by Jeremy Taylor
  10. Help for prisoners: Prayer after sentence of death by John Gother
  11. Prayer: Melancholy by Christopher Smart
  12. A prayer found in Mrs. Chaponeís handwriting after her death from Hester Chapone by Jonathan Edwards
  13. A prayer that may easily be said by a woman in the state of pregnancy by Richard Challoner by John Wesley
  14. Prayer by Charles Wesley
  15. Prayer: Gunpowder treason by John Keble
  16. Prayer by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  17. Prayer to Mary by Ronald Knox
  18. Prayer: Jesus by Mother Teresa
  19. Prayer: Extract from a sermon by Billy Graham, California, 1974;
  20. Pope John Paul II

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