MANY PRESENCES OF CHRIST , THE edited by Timothy Fitzgerald and David A. Lysik ($16)*

LTP: 1-56854-313-1

We say of our liturgy: Christ is present! But what does that mean? The second Vatican Council challenged us to think more deeply about the presence of Christ in the liturgy. The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy teaches that we are to attend not only to Christ present in the consecrated bread and wine when we celebrate the eucharist, but to Christ present in the minister, the sacraments, the word proclaimed and the gathered peopleóthe assembly.

The essays in this collection were presented at the 1998 conference of the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy. They will engage you and challenge you to think about Christís presence in new and exciting ways. Topics include liturgy and catechesis, ordained ministry, ecumenism, reconciliation, the revised sacramentary, first communion and confirmation, pastoral planning, ecclesial communion, music, art and environment for worship.

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