REAL PRESENCE The Work of the Eucharist by Nathan Mitchell ($12)*

LTP: 1-56854-407-3

Eucharist: Our sacrament of unity—that we never stop discussing and debating. Nor should we! Nathan Mitchell’s earlier book Cult and Controversy demonstrated the breadth of his scholarship on the history of eucharistic practice and piety in the church. In this new and expanded edition of Real Presence, Dr. Mitchell brings that scholarship to bear on the contemporary dialogue about the eucharist. What he says is vital to Sunday practice and parish life. Teachers, preachers, catechists and students especially will find help in Mitchell’s insights into the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its teachings on the eucharist; into the ways that contemporary biblical scholarship opens up our understanding of Jesus and the eucharist; into those two wonderful words that have again and again challenged the church to go ever deeper—real presence; and into the theologies of the eucharist coming from contemporary Europeans such as Jean-Luc Marion, Herbert McCabe and Catherine Pickstock. This new and expanded edition also includes Nathan Mitchell’s essay “Eucharist in the Work of Some Contemporary European Theologians” and an expanded commentary on eucharist in Luke’s gospel.

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