CLAIMING THEOLOGY IN THE PULPIT by Burton Cooper & John McClure ($18.95)*

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Encapsulating years of experience integrating critical theological thinking with the preaching task, Claiming Theology in the Pulpit will be a welcomed resource to both preachers and students. Through the use of a theological profile, Cooper and McClure help preachers become more aware of not only the broad theological traditions of the church but of their own particular theological appropriations.

Part I of the book lays out the eight categories of the theological profile, offering a worksheet for readers to identify in summary fashion their own theological position. Part II suggests specific ways that preachers can use the profile as a tool to become more theologically intentional in their preaching.

About the Authors:

Burton Z. Cooper, Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, lives in Vermont and worships at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church.

John S. McClure is the Charles G. Finney Professor of Homiletics at Vanderbilt University Divinity School, Nashville, Tennessee. He is the current President of the North American Academy of Homiletics, a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Homiletic, and an ordained minister in the PC(USA).

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