SENSES OF PREACHING by Thomas Long ($19.95)*

WJK: 0-8042-1570-7

Written in a conversational style, this book uses anecdotes to take a careful look at congregation/preacher relationships and provides insight into faith, life, and homiletics.

Tom Long explores four aspects of preaching: "the eyes of preaching" (vitality), "the voice" (the nature of sermonizing), "the ears" (the involvement of listening), and "the embodiment" (liturgical setting). He advocates and demonstrates a preaching style that creates a one-on-one relationship with each hearer. A sermon is a worship experience, a listening experience, a sharing experience... a proclamation of the gospel! He provides insight into faith and life as well as preaching and homiletics. He offers preachers a better understanding of the whole concept of their craft and complements it with sermon-starter ideas.

"The Senses of Preaching" is a personal book-- personal reflections, personal insights, personal examples, personal sharing. This compact volume shows preachers how to develop, create, and implement a preaching experience that encourages the hearing of the gospel.

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