THESSALONIANS I & II (New International Biblical Commentary) by David J. Williams +

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The first Christians at Thessalonica struggled with persecution and with how to live a holy life till Jesus' return. Sounds familiar, doesnt it? In this new New International Biblical Commentary volume, Williams discusses the background of Paul's two Thessalonian letters and explains the significance of Greek terms so that the force of Paul's words comes through. The easy-to-use NIBC format includes section-by-section exposition of the NIV, all Greek transliterated, and separate textual and technical notes.

"Dr. Williams has given us a fine commentary on the Thessalonian correspondence. He writes explicitly for the general reader but that does not mean that he has overlooked difficult or controversial passages. He deals with them simply in a way that we can all understand. A feature of the commentary is the way the author takes pains to explain the significance of Greek terms and thus to bring out the force of what the Apostle has written. Dr. Williams writes simply and clearly and he has put us all in his debt." óLeon Morris, former principal of Ridley College

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David J. Williams, Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Australia, is retired as Vice Principal of Ridley College, University of Melbourne. He is the author of The Promise of His Coming and of the New International Biblical Commentaries on Acts and First and Second Thessalonians. He has contributed many articles to scholarly journals, and he has also served as a translator for the New International Version of the Bible.

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