SAMUEL I & II (New International Biblical Commentary) by Mary J. Evans +

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Identifying three streams of concern in the books of Samuel (politics, people, and preaching), Mary Evans demonstrates how each of these manifests itself in the underlying and unifying theme of power-and powerlessness. She then uses this concept of power as a fascinating matrix for interpreting the events God ordains and the characters God uses in biblical history. Evans defends her case for the unity of the books that we divide into 1 and 2 Samuel with a sensitivity to the composition of the text and the intentionality of the various “writers” who had a hand in bringing the different accounts together. The discussion interacts with the parallel material in Chronicles and Kings and recognizes the importance of the themes of covenant and law, especially from the Deuteronomic perspective. The commentary, with its additional notes, also includes a good breadth of references to scholarly debate and discussion on various issues. Evans brings the often theologically difficult text of Samuel and the complex characters of Samuel, Saul, David, and others into sharp focus for the contemporary reader while offering fresh insights and perspectives on the ancient text.

"The commentary by Mary J. Evans on the books of Samuel, based on the NIV, is clearly cognizant of the issues being debated in biblical studies today and presents its findings in a very accessible format. Evans focuses on politics, human character, and the relationship between God's purposes for Israel and the failure of the people to live in obedience to God's will. In her view, the books of Samuel are an examination of and a reflection on the nature, accession, use, and abuse of power." —Ralph W. Klein, Christ Seminary-Seminex Professor of Old Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

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Mary J. Evans is lecturer in Old Testament and director of the Christian Life and Ministry course at the London Bible College. Her publications include Women in the Bible and Prophets of the Lord, and she is an editor of the Study Bible for Women: The New Testament.

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