EMBRACE YOUR RENEWAL A Thought a Day for Lent by Harold Buetow ($12.95)*

ALBA: 0-8189-0959-5

For the Christian, Lent means an opportunity to banish ignorance, to deaden lust, to enrich the poor, to defend children, to make decent medical care as globally ubiquitous as Coca-Cola, and to end many world catastrophes. Mortification guides our imagination and memory by keeping away useless or harmful thoughts, and it may also help control the tongue from useless and frivolous conversations or gossip. All of these topics and many, many more are presented in an informative and entertaining fashion in these thoughtful reflections for the weekdays of Lent. They are ideal for homilists as well as for the average person in the pew. Harold A. Buetow, PhD, JD is the author of Pastoral Talks for Special Ocassions (Alba House, 1994), along with two very highly-acclaimed trilogies of homily reflections: one on the Readings for the Sundays and Holy Days of the Liturgical Year (Alba House, 1997) God Still Speaks: Listen! (Cycle A), All Things Made New (Cycle B), and Ode to Joy (Cycle C); and another on the Weekdays in Ordinary Time (Alba House, 2002): Thirst for Life (Weeks 1-9), The New Out of the Old (Weeks 10-21), and Rejoicing in Hope. A priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn, he spent thirty years at Catholic University where he taught and was Senior Staff Editor on The New Catholic Encyclopedia.

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