GOSPEL OF JOHN In Light of the Old Testament by Claus Westermann ($9.95)*

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Noted Old Testament exegete Claus Westermann offers a rewarding and insightful study of John’s Gospel from the perspective of the Old Testament. Westermann begins his study from an understanding that the Old and New Testaments have a “reciprocal relationship.” From this vantage Westermann demonstrates that the story of Jesus cannot be fully appreciated except against the backdrop of the Old Testament. In particular Westermann looks carefully at the structure of the Gospel narratives and reminds us how influential the Old Testament narratives have been upon the author of the Fourth Gospel. He examines what Jesus does and what he says and shows how a fuller understanding can be obtained by comparing and contrasting these events with the Old Testament stories of God’s saving words and acts.

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Claus Westermann, emeritus professor at the University of Heidelberg, is author of the three-volume Continental commentary on Genesis and numerous other Old Testament studies.

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