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Professor William Barclay was an outstanding New Testament scholar, a theologian of international distinction, a revered teacher, and a noted communicator, whether speaking personally or lecturing publicly. In 1972, he gave four television lectures based on his best-selling New Testament Daily Study Bible series for the BBC Scotland. He was also a devoted family man. This collection of his devotional readings, brought together in this format for the first time, bring an unrivalled depth of unassuming scholarship and gentle wisdom within the grasp of the general reader.


“William Barclay’s brilliant communication, down-to-earth approach and sheer enthusiasm inspire spirituality and faith among his readers. New readers will find Barclay’s wide-ranging insight readily accessible. Barclay’s distinctive voice, which has spoken to so many in past years, will continue to help new generations ‘to know better their Bible, their God and their Savior." - St. Andrews Press

“One has to admire Barclay’s singular ability to enable complex theological argument to become accessible to all." - Jon Bell, Iona Community, Scotland

“Few men have such a gift of communication as that enjoyed by William Barclay. In clear simple language he brought the Gospel message to life. The depth of his Christian convictions shone out of his writings like sunshine on a bright day." - George Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy, Former Speaker of the British House of Commons

"His personal conviction and command of his subject demands attention and he has a gift of adding layers to textures and colour and feel which takes the contemporary viewer back to biblical times." - Billy Kay, Scottish writer, broadcaster, and BBC producer

Author Bio

William Barclay (1907–78) was a Church of Scotland minister and Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at the University of Glasgow. He published over sixty books that sold several million copies. He was best known for his paraphrase of New Testament texts and his Daily Bible Study series.

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