LIGHTS, CAMERA...FAITH! by Peter Malone ($24.95)*

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Lights, Camera...Faith! continues to provides new thought-provoking passages into the world of the Gospels through popular film. By exploring 71 movies in the light of the Sunday Scriptures, Malone and Pacatte create dialogue between Scripture and film, engaging faith through culture and culture through faith.

Insight, inspiraton, and information meet in this valuable resource for anyone who appreciates deeper meaning in movies. Ideal for homilists, parish discussion groups, young adult groups, film educators, and professionals.

"Light, Camera...Faith! is a must for every homilist who wants to grab the attention of the people in the pews! The book brings the Gospels into the twenty-first century and is a great way to present the Scriptures to young people."
--Jack Shea, Hollywood director and producer, and Patt Shea, Screenwriter, Cofounders of Catholics in Media

Light, Camera...Faith! is "a must-have, not just for those who interested in the relationship between cinema and spirituality, but for any serious student of film." -- Brain Oppenheimer, Vice President, Catholics in Media Associates

"By introducing serious and respectful conversation between the life of faith and 21st century media culture, Light, Camera...Faith! provides both a model and a method for a deep and rich media literacy movement among all Christian denominations." -- Elizabeth Thoman,

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