STILL, SMALL VOICE Quiet Meditations on the Classical Guitar Focusing on the Cross by John Gerighty ($16.95)

MORE: 0-86347-335-0

Quiet meditations on the classical guitar focusing around the cross. A repertoire of quiet meditations to help listeners calm the mind and open their hearts to God. John Gerighty artfully unites guitar with violin, cello, and the melodious cadences of flute and panpipes in this harmony of relaxing sound.
  1. Fiesta, comp. John Gerighty (2:09)
  2. A Still Small Voice, comp. John Gerighty (4:28)
  3. France, comp. John Gerighty (2:24)
  4. Gavotte, comp. Robert De Visee, arr. John Gerighty (2:18)
  5. Transfiguration, comp. John Gerighty (4:35)
  6. Bethany, comp. John Gerighty (3:55)
  7. Gethsemane, comp. John Gerighty (4:02)
  8. The Cross, comp. John Gerighty (3:40)
  9. O Sacred Head, comp. J S Bach, arr. John Gerighty (3:18)
  10. New Beginnings, comp. John Gerighty (4:21)
  11. At Day's End, comp. John Gerighty (4:37)
  12. The Longing, comp. John Gerighty (3:26)
  13. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, comp. Charles Parry, arr. John Gerighty (4:21)
  14. End Piece, comp. John Gerighty (5:20)
Description of Tracks:
  1. Fiesta: having visited and played my guitar in Spain in 1998, I wanted to capture the mood of the country in this piece, which expresses the vibrant and impulsive Spanish culture and the warmth and fun of the people.
  2. A Still Small Voice: there is a space within all of us, a quiet place that is reserved only for God. Here we can listen to His voice, a voice that is sometimes so quiet, still and small that it can be difficult to discern and may even be easy to ignore. But it is a place well worth visiting .. .
  3. France: a favourite country for me and this piece reminds me of visits to Paris and Calais as well of hints of Maigret and Inspector Clousseau (I think it must be the accordion!)
  4. Gavotte: some original French music, this dance was written by Robert De Visee, a composer in the court of Louis XIV, but we have now added a keyboard part.
  5. Transfiguration: a simple, meditative piece, attempting to portray the mystical events when Jesus took Peter and John up the mountain, and spoke with his Father.
  6. Bethany: I was inspired to write this by the music of the pop group Genesis. The title was suggested to me by a friend who could see Mary and Martha in the piece. Mary represented by the floating melody, her sister portrayed by the busy classical guitar in the background.
  7. Gethsemane: a contrasting piece depicting Jesus in the garden, wrestling with his thoughts and conscience while his disciples sleep. He knew his fate and could have walked away, instead he prays not my will, but yours'.
  8. The Cross: I guess the title speaks for itself: it is Good Friday, Jesus hangs on the cross, humiliated by the watching soldiers and in great pain. Most of his friends seem to have deserted him yet he asks his Father to forgive his persecutors. Greater love has no man .. .
  9. O Sacred Head: This well-known hymn tune forms part of Bach's StMatthewPassion. For me, it represents Jesus' last few moments before dying on the cross. On Calvary at this moment it is cold, lonely and the sky is very dark.
  10. New Beginnings: 'and on the third day . . .' I think all new beginnings are a bit of a mixture, full of hope, uncertainty and not a little fearfulness of what the future holds. I have tried, in this piece, to portray those feelings of hopeful anticipation mixed with a little trepidation.
  11. At Day's End: This was always going to be a saxophone piece, but, at Andy's suggestion, we added an electric guitar and a Hammond organ sound, which gives a "live" feel to the backing behind Tim's excellent sax.
  12. The Longing: memories of people who are no longer with us. It is the only track on which I am not playing, but I was delighted to have my friends Richard and Simeon play the piece so beautifully.
  13. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind: one of my favourite hymns with music by Charles Parry. The music is sublime and the words speak of God communicating with us through his `still small voice of calm'.
  14. End Piece: originally there was only meant to be a small amount of saxophone on this piece but when Tim started, we just couldn't stop him! His virtuoso improvisations make this final track a fitting climax to the album.

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