AT TABLE WITH JESUS by John Gooch ($9)*

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Jesus used food and mealtimes to build community and to teach about the Father, Son and Kingdom. (Some of the numerous examples include the wedding at Cana, the call to Levi and to Zaccheus, the banquet parables, eating with Pharisees and also with persons of ill repute, the miraculous feedings with fish and bread.) Table Fellowship will deal with the concepts of miracle meals, eucharist, hospitality, etiquette, clean and unclean, and others. This volume will help participants to experience and appreciate the eucharistic quality of daily life through meals with family, church and other communities and to invite people to Godís table.

Written by John O. Gooch, pastor, editor, and youth ministry consultant and trainer, At Table With Jesus will help you discover why Jesus commanded that he be remembered in the breaking of bread.

In this study you will explore

  • Jesus creating fellowship as guest rather than as host
  • Jesus eating with anyone who welcomed him
  • Jesus celebrating feasts rather tan observing fasts
  • Jesus satisfying the hunger of all
  • Jesus at table as witness to the heavenly banquet in the kingdom of God

    Scripture references are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Within each session, Gooch provides an opportunity for group members and individual learners to examine the Scriptures, study the subject of table fellowship, and see the divine made present in daily, ordinary mealtimes.

    Each session is self-contained and includes study helps and discussion questions for reflection that are all you need to lead a group or pursue the study on your own.

    This study is part of the Jesus Collection and has 8 sessions.

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