WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE DIES by William Coleman ($6.99)*

AUGS: 0-8066-2670-4

Why did she have to die?” “What will happen to us now?” We hear questions like these from our children when someone close to them dies. Writing for children ages 8-12 and their parents, William Coleman discusses the fears and questions that young people have when someone they love dies, perhaps a parent, grandparent, sibling, or close friend. He offers advice and support as they struggle to understand death and helps them work through the grieving process.

Table of Contents:
  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Suggestions for Adults
  3. The Mystery of Death
  4. All of Us Are Changing
  5. Why did Grandpa Die?
  6. Going to a Funeral
  7. What Is Heaven Like?
  8. How Do We Get Home?
  9. Hard to Talk About
  10. Draw a Picture
  11. We Have Regrets
  12. Write a Letter
  13. Who Will Take His Place?
  14. Does it Hurt to Die?
  15. Talking about Them
  16. A Salad Bar of Emotions
  17. Laughter at the Funeral
  18. What Is Cremation?
  19. We’ll Have New Bodies
  20. Uncomfortable Adults
  21. Thought You Were Over It
  22. Carlos Buries His Dog
  23. Visit the Cemetery?
  24. Uncomfortable Words
  25. Who Will Take Care of You?
  26. Mia Thought about Leaving
  27. Danny’s Mean Uncle
  28. It’s Final
  29. Unusual Deaths
  30. Shoulds and Oughts
  31. Trouble Sleeping
  32. True or False?
  33. Nobody Knows Exactly
  34. Megan’s Missing Doll
  35. Getting in Touch
  36. Too Old to Cry?
  37. Will I Die, Too?
  38. Is Death Punishment?
  39. Juan’s Wish Didn’t Come True
  40. How can You Help?
  41. Don’t Be Superstitious
  42. Cobwebs in Your Hair
  43. You’re Not an Adult
  44. A Day to Keep Busy
  45. Be Active
  46. The Next Life is Better
  47. Jesus and the Welcoming Committee
  48. We’re Never Alone

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