THE PARBROILED PASTOR: The Joys and Pressures of Parish Ministry by Steven L. McKinley $11.99)*

AUGS: 0-8066-3633-5

There are plenty of pressures in parish ministry, as Pastor Steven L. McKinley well knows. But there are also joys. And McKinley writes realistically about both. A storyteller who has been compared to Garrison Keiller, McKinley shares incidents and insights from his own ministry in short chapters marked by warmth and gentle humor. Seminary students and new pastors will find wise counsel on preaching, leadership, counseling, worship, and the personal life of a pastor. For experienced pastors of all denominations, McKinley offers understanding, fresh ideas, and renewal.

"McKinley's empathetic reflections identify with the joys and frustrations of pastors. He helps us all by confessing his own foibles and failures and by gently inviting us to trust that the Spirit is working through us all the while. Pastors young and old will be blessed by pondering these pages." -- Lowell O. Erdahl, author of Ten Habits for Effective Ministry

Table of Contents:


  1. Why I am (and Remain) a Parish Pastor
  2. Dorothy’s World
  3. What Makes the Pastor Run?
  4. Words of Wisdom for the “Singing Impaired”
  5. Let’s Not Rely on Paper
  6. Carl, Emma, Joan, and Jerry
  7. Keep at It, Charlie Brown!
  8. When the Phone Rings
  9. Calling Isn’t What It Used to Be
  10. Developers and Scripture Study
  11. “McKinley’s Laws”
  12. Danielle, Gertrude, and Baptism
  13. Cellular Blessings and Curses
  14. What Do We Do When the World Doesn’t Tell Us What to Do?

  1. Old, Familiar Lessons
  2. The Passing of a Quiet Month
  3. The Seasons of a Cleric’s Life
  4. Pastors to Each Other
  5. Pastor Luther Lutefisk Invictus
  6. Veterans Day
  7. Moving on Fantasies
  8. Measuring What’s Good
  9. Help Me with My Corns
  10. When Is It Time to Move?
  11. Hanging in There
  12. Kicking Back
  13. People of the Books

  1. The Right Sermon . . . The Wrong Time
  2. Off Schedule with the Holy Spirit
  3. The “Sermon Title Monster”
  4. The Sermon as Sound Bite
  5. Under the Lid of the Box
  6. Doing It My Way
  7. Applause Takes Many Forms
  8. My Three Congregations
  9. Preaching by, and for, Human Beings
  10. Anything to Make a Point
  11. Journeying from the Generic
  12. Are Sermons Castor Oil?
  13. The Day I Really Got Their Ear

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