SABBATH GATE: Enter with Jubilee ($16.95)

OCP: 10985

Sabbath Gate is a presentation of stories, prayers and songs to help parishes celebrate the themes of forgiveness, freedom and justice. It includes a resource book with the complete narration script, an assembly book containing the spoken acclamations and assembly songs, and a CD demonstration recording.

Find out more about: Huub Oosterhuis, Bernadette Farrell, Bob Hurd, Tom L÷wenthal, Tom Kendzia, Tom Conry, James Hansen & Melanie Coddington, M.D. Ridge, Christopher Walker, Bernard Huijbers, Suzanne Toolan, R.S.M, Antoine Oomen

An Advent Round of Rejoicing / Weaving Round
Chicago Studies
For Lowly People
God, Beyond All Names
Greater Than Our Heart
I Will Not Die
In the Day of the Lord
Laudate, Laudate Dominum
Lead Us to the Water / Dismissal
Litany of Creation
Litany of Reconciliation
Lumen Christi
National Catholic Reporter
Now Is the Time
Sabbath Gate
Sabbath Litany
Speak to Me
Teaching the Children
The Day of Atonement
The Dinner Party
The Legends of the Jews: Moses in the Wilderness
The Torah: A Modern Commentary
We Praise You, O God
Yours in Peace

Available on compact disc only.

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