SACRED PLACE, A by Rufino Zaragoza ($16.95)

OCP: 10765

Franciscan Brother Rufino Zaragoza brings the gentle warmth and compassion of Franciscan spirituality to his musical compositions, and A Sacred Place is his instrumental journey into the mysteries of the soul. It features Rufino's melodic piano improvisations along with cello, flute and guitar solos. Occasional fountain, rainstick and gong sounds enhance the sonic landscape, ushering in the meditative tranquility which soothes mind, body and spirit. This collection includes Rufino's "California Mission Suite," which is based on historic melodies from the early Franciscan missions.

Rufino is deeply interested in the rhythm of personal spirituality and prophetic ministry, the crescendo and decrescendo of action and especially contemplation. A Sacred Place uses smooth key changes and song transitions to facilitate a period of uninterrupted meditation and spiritual focusing.

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A Sacred Place (Detachment)
A Sacred Place (Trancendence)
El Cantico del Alba
Lady Poverty
My God and My All
Passion Chant
Sacred Creation
Te Joseph Celebrent
The Cross of Love

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