FULL, CONSCIOUS AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION Edited by Michael R. Prendergast ($14.95)+

OCP: 1-57992-115-9 (#11922)

Full, Conscious and Active Participation is a compilation of stellar articles from the first 25 years of Today's Liturgy. It features writing by some of the nation's most well-respected pastoral liturgists, including Elaine Rendler; Jan Michael Joncas; Paul Covino; Clara Dina Hinojosa; Linda Gaupin, CDP; H. Richard Rutherford, CSC; Eugene Walsh, SS, and others.

The more than 23 articles address the liturgy, the Eucharist, music, sacraments, rites and the liturgical year. Includes new vignettes by the authors introducing and reflecting on the original writing, with insights into the evolution of pastoral practice.

[6 1/4 x 9 1/4, softbound]

Praise for Full, Conscious and Active Participation

Honorable Mention among new books on liturgy at the 2004 Catholic Press Awards

"[The book] finds thematic unity throughout its diverse articles by examining ways liturgists, musicians, pastors, lay ministers, catechists and the entire laity can generate greater participation among its members. . . . This engaging volume reads on a variety of levels. In the first place, the reader is given a unique opportunity to survey some of the most pressing issues facing the worshipping assembly today. Providing circumscribed and detailed analyses, readers are introduced to an 'on the ground' perspective that more abstract analyses often miss. Secondly, readers are introduced to a variety of creative responses to the various challenges posed. If this were not enough, the volume often sustains the level of spiritual reading. With essays exploring attentiveness in worship, the meaning of silence, the rhythm of liturgical cycles, and the meaning of communion, the reader is likely to discover personal resources and a renewed resolve for contributing to the church’s goal of achieving full, conscious and active participation during our time of ongoing liturgical reform."
—Brian Robinette, Conversatio (St. John’s School of Theology/Seminary)

"An excellent resource for ongoing study, formation, and group discussion for . . . parish leaders. The topics addressed are timely and thought-provoking, and the essays offer insights and guidance that would be valuable to all who are involved with liturgical preparation and catechesis."
—Anne Y. Koester, Pastoral Music

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