52 SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE by Paul Simon ($9.95)*

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Fifty-two Simple Ways to Make a Difference is a practical and inspiring book for general readers that reminds us that the little things we do count, and offers concrete suggestions for small ways of making a difference. Says the author, "I always run into people who have the 'well-what-could-I-do?' attitude. But small things really do make a difference. The longer I live the more I realize that the small things really are the big things in the long run." This book brings Simon's considerable experience in public service to general readers in a practical and inspiring way.


"Senator Paul Simon has left us a clear message: Each of us has the power to build a better society. With just simple acts at the grassroots level, we can hep to change the world. Paul worked tirelessly to create a better world for all its inhabitants and has described a few 'simple' ways to continue his good work." President Jimmy Carter

"As a colleague of the late Senator Paul Simon, I witnessed first-hand his compassion and caring for those in need. Once again, he calls on us to help create a better world through simple, everyday acts of kindness and generosity. We can follow his lead and make a difference, just as he did during his illustrious life." The Honorable Senator Bob Dole

Table of Contents:


  1. Invite a Couple or Family of Another Race or Religion or Ethnic Group to Your Home for Dinner
  2. Invite Two International Students to Your Home for Dinner
  3. Help Someone Suffering from "The Worst Disease"
  4. Schedule Two Television-Free Days and Nights
  5. "You Get What You Give"
  6. Register to Become an Organ Donor
  7. Join a Church or Temple or Mosque
  8. Join a Nonreligious Organization That Has the Potential to Do Constructive Things
  9. Remember Robert Reid
  10. Find an Issue about Which You Feel Strongly
  11. Become a Human Outdoors Clean-Up Machine
  12. Be an Earth-Saver
  13. Follow the Example of Bill and Georgia Carson
  14. Volunteer to Help an Adult Learn to Read and Write
  15. Do Something Non Associated with your Day-to-Day Work
  16. Visit a Nursing Home
  17. If You're in Business...
  18. Select a Developing Nation and Become Informed about It
  19. Learn Another Language (or at Least a Few Phrases of It)
  20. Encourage Volunteers for Overseas Assignments — or Take One Yourself
  21. Don't Duck Your Civic Responsibility
  22. Send $25 to a Candidate You Support
  23. Attend a School Board Meeting
  24. Become a Giraffe!
  25. Don't Be Too Pessimistic
  26. Visit Someone in Prison or Jail — or Help in Some Other Way
  27. Help a Prisoner Connect with His or Her Family
  28. Working with Others, Help a Former Prisoner Find a Job
  29. Remember the Most Valuable Gift You Have Outside of Good Health Is Time
  30. Donate to Good Causes
  31. Encourage the Arts
  32. Listen to People
  33. Help Preserve Your Community's History
  34. Learn from Successful Leadership
  35. Reflect, Pray, or Dream
  36. Don't Say, "That Wouldn't Do Any Good"
  37. Help Create a Sense of Community
  38. Let Everyone Know We Have High Expectations of Them, Whether They're in Kindergarten, College, or Out of School
  39. One of the Most Important Words in Your Life Should be: Volunteer
  40. Learn to Respect the Views of Others
  41. Convert a Non-Friend into a Friend
  42. Keep Track of the Extra "Little Things" You Do Each Day to Make Life More Pleasant for Someone
  43. Become Familiar with Those Who Are Impoverished in Your Area
  44. Expand Your Base of Knowledge and Expand Your Circle of Friends
  45. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister
  46. Help Improve the Home of a Senior Citizen or Disable Person
  47. Caring Should Result in Sharing
  48. Be Sensitive about the Jokes You Tell and the Language You Use
  49. Loyalty Sometimes Requires Action
  50. Don't Fool Yourself
  51. Don't Agonize over Decisions Already Made
  52. Don't Let Age Be a Barrier to Doing Good Things, to Dreaming

About the Author:

The late Paul Simon was director of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and authored nearly 20 books. A member of the ELCA, Simon served in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and was a candidate for the Democratic party presidential nomination in 1988.

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