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In his counseling work, Harold Ivan Smith has heard all the questions even the most obscure, personal, and difficult ones that occur to grievers as they process their loss. Here he compiles more than 150 common questions, explores the emotions behind them, and provides clear and forthright responses. Whether readers find the answers they seek, new perspectives to ponder, or comfort from knowing that others ask similar questions, this valuable resource will guide individuals who are in the midst of grief and those who wish to provide comfort.

"Don't be fooled by the format of this written treasure for the bereaved. It is a book that speaks from the heart of a gifted author and caregiver to the bereaved who seek to work through the pain of the loss they now experience. The questions and answers provide starting points...and cover a wide range of issues. Buy the book...and distribute it generously. It will bless many in new and healing ways." The Rev. Richard B. Gilbert, BCC, CT, phD, Director, The World Pastoral Care Center and Director of Chaplaincy Services, author of Finding Your Way after Your Parent Dies: Hope for Adults

"Absolutely terrific! All the right questions. Better still, truly wise answers." Megory Anderson, author of Sacred Drying: Creating Rituals for Embracing the End of Life

Table of Contents:


  1. Questions about the Duration of Grief
  2. Questions about Asking Why
  3. Questions about Remembering
  4. Questions about Regrets
  5. Questions about Causation
  6. Questions about God
  7. Questions about Grief and Spirituality
  8. Questions about Forgiveness
  9. Questions about Eternal Life, Heaven, and Hell
  10. Questions about Grief and Communication
  11. Questions about the Death of a Parent
  12. Questions about the Death of a Child
  13. Questions about Children and Grief
  14. Questions about Suicide
  15. Questions about the Death of a Pet
  16. Questions about Grief and Sexuality
  17. Questions about Funeral Rituals and Customs
  18. Questions about Cremation
  19. Questions about Memorialization
  20. Questions about Wills and Estates
  21. Questions about Support
  22. Questions about Responsibility for Griever Care
  23. Questions about Grief in the Workplace
  24. Questions about Holidays and Special Days
  25. Questions about Finding Help

    Appendix A: Grief Resources
    Appendix B: Prayer Resources

Harold Ivan Smith is the author of many books including On Grieving the Death of a Father, Grieving the Death of a Friend, Singles Ask and I Wish Someone Understood My Divorce. A former funeral director, he is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling, and leader of seminars on grief and spirituality. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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