RITES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH from Liturgical Press ($34.95)*

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The complete texts of the Rites of the Catholic Church are available in two volumes. Volume 1 of this study edition contains the following:
  1. Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults,
  2. Baptism of Children,
  3. Reception of Baptized Christians,
  4. Confirmation,
  5. Penance,
  6. Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist outside Mass,
  7. Marriage,
  8. Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum, and the
  9. Order of Christian Funerals.
Volume 2 includes the officially approved texts and rubrics for the following:
  1. Institutions of Readers and Acolytes;
  2. Ordination of Deacons, Priests, and Bishops;
  3. Rite of Religious Profession;
  4. Blessing of Persons: Abbot, Abbess;
  5. Consecrating to a Life of Virginity;
  6. Rite of Commissioning Special Ministers of Holy Communion;
  7. Dedication of a Church and Altar.
Appendices in Volume 2 include:
  1. Reception of the Bishop in the Cathedral Church,
  2. Blessing of Pontifical Insignia,
  3. the Rite of the Blessing of Oils,
  4. the Rite of Consecrating the Chrism, and,
  5. Crowning of the Image of the Blessed Virgin.

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