DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (Starring Millie Perkins & Shelley Winters)(Video/DVD)($14.99)

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Based on the real diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank, this Academy Award-winning film chronicles the lives of two Jewish families as they hide from the Nazis in a tiny Amsterdam attic. Throughout the two-year ordeal, Anne’s unceasing belief in the future soars way beyond her terrible confinement. Starring Millie Perkins and Shelley Winters.

DVD Features:

  1. Languages: English
  2. Subtitles: Spanish, English
  3. Viewing Format: Widescreen

Bonus Material:

  • Diary of Anne Frank: Echoes from the Past Featurette
  • George Stevens Press Conference
  • Movietone New featuring Mille Perkins appearances
  • Academy Award Highlights
  • Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and More Commentary by George Stevens Jr.
  • Mille Perkins Screen Test
  • Still Gallery
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