Through a series of straight-to-the-point interviews with scholars, pastors, and former Muslims, this video series explores to unprecedented opportunity the western church faces with the arrival of many Muslim immigrants to our communities. This series will provide an introduction to the Muslim faith, culture and world-view, explore the differences between the Muslim and Christian understanding of God, provide insight into ways that we can engage in genuine dialogue, and challenge all of us to open up our lives and our homes to our new Muslim neighbors in a way that introduces them to the unique love of Jesus.

What is Truth Unlocked?

Muslims are immigrating to North America at a record pace. It will not be long before we are faced with Muslim coworkers, Muslim neighbors, and Muslim friends. Is this a threat to the Church? We believe this is the greatest opportunity for evangelism ever seen in North America and that our greatest obstacle to reaching out is fear.

The DVD of Truth Unlocked provides you with all of the video content in the series, without the Workbook. In all, there are six sessions to this study, covering a wide range of topics including an introduction to Islam, the impact of Muslim's faith when they come to North America, what differences exist in what Muslims and Christians believe, what are the roadblocks to witnessing, practical tools for sharing your faith, and what is your responsibility after a Muslim comes to faith in Christ. The bonus DVD is includes testimonies from each of the former Muslims who participated in the study, as well as short commentaries by Andy Banister of Ravi Zacharias Ministries, and Adam Francisco of Concordia University.

The personal study edition includes a comprehensive "personal study" workbook which is filled with additional information related to the topic. This workbook has been specifically designed to track with the entire video series, giving you a solid foundation to understand this challenging topic. Also included in the Workbook are some other helpful resources to help you learn about Islam and Christianity.

The Small Group Edition of Truth Unlocked includes the 3 disc DVD set, as well as electronic versions of the comprehensive leader's guide, workbook and pre-formatted emails. This edition is licensed for churches and small group settings. Both the leader's guide and the personal study workbook include extra information that expands on items presented in the video, as well as study and retention questions to help you bring what you learn to life. Also included in the Workbook are some other helpful resources to help you learn more about Islam and Christianity.

You can watch a video on this title on here.

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