IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WERE STORIES by William J. Bausch ($16.95)*

TWT: 1-58595-361-X

Storytelling is a key element of our faith, and the Bible is a true repository of faith stories. Stories of God's action in history, rooted in the culture of the people, were handed down in oral fashion, sometimes for generations before they were ever written down. In this latest book, popular author Bill Bausch uses the key of storytelling to help readers approach the Bible with new eyes and hearts. In his conversational style and with many examples and anecdotes, he discusses revelation, truth wrapped in story, the difference between print and the oral story, and the chasm between the biblical culture and contemporary culture. Father Bausch believes that God's passionate love is revealed not in doctrine and dogmas but in the stories of Scripture. In the Beginning There Were Stories provides an ideal introduction to reading Scripture, reflecting on it, and discussing it with others.

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