PREACHING THAT MATTERS (The Bible and Our Lives) by Stephen Farris ($19.95)*

WJK: 0-664-25759-3

Preaching is the art of building a bridge in the hearer's mind from the ancient world of the biblical text to the realities of our daily lives. Throughout this book, the author offers insights into ways that the Bible can connect with modern life through analogy and gives specific guidance to preachers for a process to make these connections happen. This is a highly practical book for use by preachers.

"Stephen Farris wants us to learn the art of discerning likenesses between the world of the biblical text and today's world. He skillfully demonstrates ways to build analogies that celebrate both the differences and the similarities between these two worlds....Then he shows us how to say the words that bring a sermon to life...." --John McClure, Frank H. Caldwell Professor of Preaching and Worship, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

"Stephen Farris has written the most helpful book on the hermeneutic of analogy that I have read. He introduces us to the notion of analogy in preaching, and shows us how to explore the world of the Bible, our world, and their intersection. At each juncture, Farris offers step-by-step guidance. He illustrates how his approach to analogy bears fruit in actual sermons. Throughout, he shows remarkable theological sensitivity." --Ronald J. Allen, Associate Professor of Preaching and New Testament, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis

Stephen Farris is Professor of Preaching and Worship at Knox College in the Toronto School of Theology, Ontario.

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