NATURE, GOD AND PULPIT by Elizabeth Achtemeier ($22)*

EER: 0-8028-4785-4

"This book is intended to draw together and to interpret for the church's preachers, in a clear and reasonably comprehensive fashion, the biblical materials having to do with the natural world and God's relation to it. It is a project that needs to be done, I believe, because few subjects have been more neglected by the pulpit in this country in recent years than an explication of the relation between nature and God.

"Moreover, preachers are not being offered many resources to overcome such neglect. There are increasing numbers of books being published that deal with the relation of science and religion, as a glance at the notes in this volume will show. But many of those books are rather scientifically technical and difficult for preachers with a limited amount of time to devote to them. Further, a number of denominations have issued study papers dealing with the ecological crisis and the church's responsibility toward it, but these have not dealt in a comprehensive way with the biblical materials about nature. Thus, this volume is an attempt to present the biblical witness concerning God and the natural world in a way that will furnish preachers with content for sermons on the subject." - from the Preface.

"Achtemeier addresses herself primarily but not exclusively to preachers as she discusses the biblical picture of God's relationship to creation: divine transcendence; human gloriousness yet contingent, fallen existence; and God's ultimate victory over evil, darkness, chaos, and death. She discusses why preachers need to reassert the biblical view against nature religion and provides five sample sermons and two sample meditations based on biblical texts. Highly recommended for seminary libraries." - From Library Journal, Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

"An inspiring celebration of God in relation to His world. Even though we moderns--largely an urbanized population--have practically become strangers to the natural world, we still yearn to be more connected to the natural realm, God's creation. Partly because the Christian church has not preached and taught a whole theology that clearly explains God's connection to the cosmos, a number of "alien faiths" are rushing in to fill the void." - Ingram

"Elizabeth Achtemeler offers in this thoroughly researched and cogently written work a telling homiletical corrective to contemporary preaching's penchant for avoiding conversation about the relationship between God and the natural world. With both polemics and apologetics, Achtemeier exposes pantheistic and New Age heresies. Here critique and solution are presented biblically, theologically, and practically with specific advice to the modern preacher on how science, nature, and the gospel can be held together in creative tension in the modern pulpit. Without question. I consider this book to be a landmark study on this subject." - William J. Carl III, Author of Preaching Christian Doctrine and Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Dallas TX.

"Achtemeier writes with both a flair and a passion. She moves surefootedly through Old and New Testament materials in shaping and sharing a comprehensive understanding of creation...Offering solid biblical exegesis, scientific awareness, and reflective meditation, she enables a contemporary person to perceive creation as theocentric. One learns, participates, and worships in the reading of this insightful material." - Stanley Nelson, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

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