PSALMS 60-150 (Continental Commentary by Hans-Joachim Kraus)($51)*


In the second volume of his thorough commentary on the Psalms, Professor Kraus turns his attention to Psalms 60-150, takes each Psalm in turn, offers a fresh translation, a bibliography, linguistic notes, discussion of the form and origin of the passage, a verse-by- verse commentary, and a summary of the particular Psalm’s main theological points. Indices of biblical references and names and subjects are included. Psalms 60-150 is translated from the German Biblischer Kommentar series.

About the Author: Hans-Joachium Kraus has held professorships at the universities of Bonn, Hamburg, and Göttingen and is an internationally respected Old Testament scholar.

Table of Contents
  1. Translator's Preface
  2. Commentary on Psalms 60-150
  3. Manuscript Sigla
  4. Hebrew Grammars Cited
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Index of Biblical References
  7. Index of Names and Subjects

"The fullest work on the Psalms we are likely to have in our generation. Breaks new ground, bringing the maltifarious theological dimensions of the Psalter into reasonable clarity without dissipating its charm." -- James A. Carpenter

"The most thorough study of the Psalms in recent years, it contains manna for preachers." -- David H.C. Read

"This landmark will serve only to enhance the use of the Psalms in study, worship, prayer, and spiritual formation." -- David A. Hubbard

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