REVELATION (Proclamation Commentary) by Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza ($16)+


Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza charts a new and provocative course in the interpretation of the book of Revelation. She recognizes not only the ideological distortions but also the sociopolitical location of the Apocalypse. In this way she opens to the reader the world of vision of this powerful New Testament book. This book has three major sections: (1) an introduction that centers on social location and rhetorical analysis; (2) the commentary; and (3) a theo- ethical rhetorical reading of the visionary world of the book of Revelation under the headings of empire, tribulation, resistance, and competing voices

"My own reading of Revelation positions itself within the horizon of academic biblical studies as well as of liberation and feminist theological discourses in order to produce a critical feminist political interpretation and theo- ethical assessment of this fascinating biblical book." -- from the Introduction

Table of Contents:

Map of Asia Minor


A. Social Location and Strategies of Reading
1. Reading Revelation in and from the Margins
2. Scientific Historical-Critical and Literary-Critical Readings
B. A Rhetorical Analysis of Revelation
1. The Generic Tenor of Revelation
2. Stylistic Phrasing: Language and Imagery
3. Rhetorical Arrangement and Composition


A. Prologue and Epistolary Greeting: Revelation 1:1-8
B. Rhetorical Situation in the Cities of Asia Minor: Revelation 1:9 -- 3:22
C. Opening the Sealed Scroll: Exodus Plagues: Revelation 4:1 -- 9:21
D. The Bitter-Sweet Scroll: "War" against the Community: Revelation 10:1 -- 15:4
E. Exodus from the Oppression of Babylon/Rome: Revelation 15:5 -- 19:10
F. Liberation from Evil and God's World-City: Revelation 19:11 -- 22:9
G. Epilogue and Epistolary Frame: Revelation 22:10-21


A. Rhetorical World of Vision: Empire
B. Rhetorical Exigence: Tribulation
C. Rhetorical Motivation; Resistance
D. Rhetorical Restraints: Competing Voices

Selected Bibliography

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