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“An excellent introduction to the prophets and the prophetic literature…The goal of the book is to understand the thought of the prophets in their historical contexts, and to communicate that understanding for our time. Its approach, while innovative, builds upon he best of contemporary analysis of the prophetic literature.” --Gene M. Tucker, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“Koch’s first volume on the prophets of ancient Israel displays his sound and creative scholarship and will fill a bibliographical gap…He displays the individuality of each prophet with perceptive insight, but he also compares and interrelates them in his various summaries. Furthermore, Koch relates his study of individual prophets to theological currents that have been flowing through the scholarly world in recent decades.” -- Bernhard W. Anderson, Princeton Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:

Translator's Note

I Towards a Preliminary Understanding

1. In Search of the Future. The Longing for a Moral World Order

II Prelude

2. Inductive and Intuitive Divination in Antiquity and its Connection with Monotheism and Monanthropology in Israel
3. Seers, Men of God, Nabis. Pre-literary Prophecy from the Early Period of the Monarchy

III Unconditional Prophecy of Doom at the Beginning of the Assyrian Period

4. Amos
5. Hosea
6. Micah of Moresheth
7. Isaiah

IV Prophets of the Day of Decision: The End of the Assyrian Period

8. The End of Assyria and the Growing Hope for the Day of Yahweh: Joel, Nahium, Zephaniah
9. The Transition to Literary Prophecy in the Assyrian Period and the Problem of Transmission



Index of Biblical References

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