PRIESTHOOD IMPERILED by Bernard Haring ($19.95)


Subtitled: "A Critical Examination of Ministry in the Catholic Church". Calls for a return to the pastoral roots of priestly ministry and urges greater participation by the laity. Includes a discussion of the blessings and the burdens of priestly celibacy, along with predictions about ministry by women. "Priesthood Imperiled" is a beautiful piece of applied gospel. Its major value lies in the fact that it doesn't come out of theological theory; it comes out of Fr. Haring's own life. He is what he speaks. But more than that, his book is such a sign of hope to the rest of us. My suggestion is that everyone should buy this book for the priest that they want most to affirm or energize. Then, they should buy another one for themselves so that the priesthood in all of us can come to life all over again. Reading this work was renewing at a time when we feel a decided tension between the institution's attitude toward women and the gospel's call to all of us." - Joan Chittister. Chapter titles include: Personal Experiences on the Road, The Glaring Light of Scripture, Reaching for the Deepter Meaning and Purpose of the Priestly Vocation, the Historical Beginnings of the Priesthood, Questions Surrounding the Issue of Celibacy, Prognosis for the Future of Priestly Vocations, the More or Less Lovely Animals in the Ark and Mary: Servant of God and Model for the Priesthood. 192 pp.
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