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Jack McArdle searched through the gospels and came up with 157 promises. Not one 'might', 'maybe' or 'perhaps' in the whole lot! He then grouped them thematically and came up with 22 different headings, which are the titles of the chapters of this book. For each promise, he offers a prayerful reflection and suggests as follows: 'The promises can be used in any way the reader chooses. I can read the reflection on a particular promise each morning, and that could give me food for thought for the day. I could select a particular chapter, e.g. eucharist, and concentrate on those promises over a week or two. Prayer Groups, Bible Study Groups, and homilists may also find thoughts, insights, and inspirations from reading these reflections in any way they choose. With these people in mind, I deliberately went to the trouble of giving chapter and verse for every reference to scripture, so that the quote can be read in context by those who wish to do so.'

An index of the promises is included to help the reader in locating particular promises and the reflections on them.

Author Biography

Jack McArdle is a priest of the Sacred Hearts Community in Dublin. He is the author of numerous bestselling books of spirituality including A Word in Your Ear, And that's the Gospel Truth, Come 'ere till I tell you and It's Really Very Simple. A popular speaker and retreat-leader, he has also presented a series of Spirit Level on RTÉ Radio 1.

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