MINISTER AS CRISIS COUNSELOR, THE by David Switzer ($19.95)*

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CHAPTER 1: the Minister as Crisis Counselor

CHAPTER 2: Crisis Theory: Definition, Description, Dynamics

CHAPTER 3: Methods of Crisis Counseling

CHAPTER 4: Intervention Procedures

CHAPTER 5: Intervening in Family Crisis

CHAPTER 6: The Minister's Role and Functioning in the Crisis of Grief

CHAPTER 7: Intervening in a Pathological Grief

Reaction: A Case Study

CHAPTER 8: The Minister and Divorce Crises by Richard A. Hun, Ph.D.

CHAPTER 9: Intervening in a Suicidal Crisis

CHAPTER 10: The Minister, the Congregation and Community Crisis Services

"Experienced counselors will find this book supportive, insightful and heartening. Less experienced counselors will find solid help." - Christian Century.

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