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The Letter of James provides an important message that challenges us as Christians to put faith into action. In this commentary Patrick Hartin provides a new translation of James that serves as the basis for a detailed explanation of the text. He shows that it is an important writing that sheds light and understanding onto the world of early Christianity. Section by section he provides essential and illuminating notes on the text and its content. This treatment culminates in an extensive explanation of the theological meaning of James within its own context as well as its application for today’s reader. A detailed bibliography follows each section enabling readers to pursue further interests.

Fr. Patrick J. Hartin, D.Th., a priest of the Diocese of Johannesburg in South Africa who teaches New Testament in the religious studies department at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. His most recent publication is A Spirituality of Perfection published by Liturgical Press.

"Hartin not only brings the full resources of historical criticism to bear on James, but also treats the letter with careful attention to its rhetorical structure, situation, and argumentation, and with sensibilities to the cultural scripts of Jews living in the ancient Mediterranean. This combination of rhetorical and social-science approaches make for a reading that both situates James appropriately in its ancient, and therefore somewhat foreign, cultural setting, and shows how James spoke powerfully in the setting. Though filled with erudition and engaging a wide body of scholarly literature, Hartin's work is lucid, direct, and lively."
- John S. Kloppenborg, Professor of Religion, University of Toronto

"An established authority on the Epistle of St. James, Professor Patrick J. Hartin offers a most comprehensive and yet lucid commentary on one of the most important writings in the New Testament canon, shrouded in its own mystery and conflicting interpretations. Hartin adapts an interdisciplinary approach to St. James. . . . By applying the insights of cultural studies and rhetorical argumentation, Hartin provides a persuasive case for a renewed attention to the Epistle of St. James as a paradigm for ‘spiritual perfection’ in the context of the holy liturgy revealing God as the ‘giver of all good gifts.’"
- Jon Ma. Asgeirsson, Professor of New Testament Studies and Early Christianity, University of Iceland

Sacra Pagina is a multi-volume commentary on the books of the New Testament.

The expression "Sacra Pagina" ("Sacred Page") originally referred to the text of Scripture. In the Middle Ages it also described the study of Scripture to which the interpreter brought the tools of grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, and philosophy.

This series presents fresh translations and modern expositions of all the books of the New Testament. Written by an international team of Catholic biblical scholars, it is intended for biblical professionals, graduate students, theologians, clergy, and religious educators. The volumes present basic introductory information and close exposition, with each author adopting a specific methodology while maintaining a focus on the issues raised by the New Testament compositions themselves.

The goal of Sacra Pagina is to provide sound, critical analysis without any loss of sensitivity to religious meaning. This series is therefore catholic in two senses of the word: inclusive in its methods and perspectives, and shaped by the context of the Catholic tradition. The Second Vatican Council described the study of "the sacred page" as the "very soul of sacred theology" (Dei Verbum 24). The volumes in this series illustrate how Catholic scholars contribute to the council's call to provide access to Sacred Scripture for all the Christian faithful. Rather than pretending to say the final word on any text, these volumes seek to open up the riches of the New Testament and to invite as many people as possible to study seriously the "sacred page."

"Sacra Pagina represents the best of contemporary and pastorally sensitive biblical interpretation for a general readership. A must for any library." —Catholic Library World

"I wholeheartedly recommend this commentary in particular and this series in general for those who regularly preach—Catholic or Protestant." —The Clergy Journal

"Sacra Pagina is a valuable addition to any professional library. And it can communicate well to the Greekless who are willing to work along with it." —Book Reviews

"I have seen Matthew, Luke, Acts, and Galations and intend to ensure that the whole series is in our library." —Vidyajyoti

"For the preaching of text. . . I wholeheartedly recommend this commentary in particular and this series in general for those who regularly preach—Catholic or Protestant." —The Clergy Journal

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