TEN COMMANDMENTS OF CHARACTER by Joseph Telushkin ($25)+

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Here is a wealth of astute and warmhearted counsel on many of life's most difficult ethical dilemmas. Joseph Telushkin outlines his ten commandments of character, explaining why each one is so vital, and then addresses perplexing issues that can and often do crop up in our lives relating to family, friends, work, community, medical ethics, and money, such as:

• How honest should you be when you are asked to give a reference?
• How much assistance should you give your son with his college application essay?
• Is it wrong to receive a kidney from an executed prisoner in China?
• What should you do if your father begs you to end his life rather than allow him to descend into the hell of Alzheimer's?
• Should a brother give up part of his inheritance if his sister has children and considerable expenses and he doesn't?
• Should a dying woman reveal to her husband that their son is not really his?

Many of us are finding it increasingly hard to tread the fine line between right and wrong. In The Ten Commandments of Character, Telushkin faces these issues squarely and shows us how to live a life of true integrity.

“At a time when so many people are looking for moral guidance, we are lucky to have Joseph Telushkin as our guide and teacher. I am thoroughly impressed by his wisdom and good sense.”—Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

From the Critics

"Beliefnet.com, a multi-faith virtual community, features articles and columns on spirituality, religion, morality, faith and beliefs. As one of its many contributors, Telushkin writes an ethical advice column in which he responds to letters from people with questions about personal and moral dilemmas. This book gathers together about 80 of these letters, along with Telushkin's thoughtful and sometimes controversial responses. The rabbi and author of Jewish Literacy and The Book of Jewish Values often cites biblical and rabbinical sources for his opinions. Here, the issues he addresses are grouped under nine headings: family, children, "between friends," animals, work, money, medical ethics, everyday dilemmas and community. This broad range of problems will resonate with readers, who will likely recognize many of their own ethical concerns, like the challenges of being completely honest. Telushkin also takes up seemingly mundane issues, such as smoking, being overweight, giving to beggars and responding to telemarketers. Each topic receives a serious and studious answer that points the way to ethical behavior. The collection is preceded by a helpful introductory chapter in which Telushkin sets forth his list of "the 10 prerequisites for doing good together with an explanation of why these values matter so much." In all, Telushkin's book is a useful manual for distinguishing between right and wrong in contemporary society." (Sept.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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