BEST ADVICE FOR PREACHING edited by John S. McClure ($18)*

AUGS: 0-8006-2997-3

A collaborative effort by 27 seasoned preachers, mena and women from a variety of religious traditions and ethnic backgrounds, this guidebook is designed to improve all aspects of the practice of preaching. The authors share their experiences and wisdom on such topics as the initial call to preach, discipline, study patterns, using the lectionary, coordinating with the church year, preaching a sermon series, illustrations, keeping notes and files, organizing material, polishing and delivering the sermon, worship coordination, feedback and putting together a good preacher's library. Includes the preaching wisdom of some of the most renowned preachers and homilists including Thomas G. Long, Fred Craddock, Barbara Brown Taylor, William H. Willimon, Henry H. Mitchell, Thomas Troeger and Walter Burghardt, among others. Edited by John S. McClure. A must for every preacher's library, and I don't say that too freely!!

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