COINCIDENCES: Touched By a Miracle ($12.95)


Eleanor Roosevelt, William Styron, Patricia Neal, Bartolome de Las Casas, Jane Addams, Wilhelm Roentgen - what do all of these famous persons have in common with one another and the thousands of the "less famous"? Each of them came face to face with phenomena not readily explainable, phenomena that changed the course of their lives, their work and even of human history. In this book, Antoinette Bosco has collected a kaleidoscope of stories about real people from all walks of life who experienced what might be called a "remarkable coincidence" in their lives. Are the patterns of their life stories really random, or, as the author believes, is there an underlying design common to all of them, a design that reveals the hand and the presence of Someone who cares? "I think that the Creator has a great sense of compassion and humor, and sometimes, like a loving parent, God expresses this to us mortals by whispering - 'Surprise!'"
These fascinating stories not only relate extraordinary events, but reveal the profound humanity of the persons involved - their courage, their weakness, their faith, their fear, their needs, their love. This book will appeal to all who seek inspiration, who need a boost in their faith in God and in people, or who just want to enjoy some great true stories. An excellent source of illustrations for preachers! 196 pp.
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