GENTLE THUNDER, A by Max Lucado +


The message of the Bible is that God does whatever it takes to get our attention. That is the message of this book: the relentless pursuit of God. God on the hunt, God in the search, stirring the bushes for the lost sheep, pulling us back to him, over and over again. Kind, then stern. Tender and tough. Faithfully firm. Patiently urgent. Eagerly tolerant. Softly shouting. Gently thundering. God is the pilot and we are the passengers. Though we may not understand his hand, we can always trust his heart. We can trust him to do what is right. If you need a reminder of his love, an assurance of his strength, or an example of his kindness, this is the book for you. Includes a discussion guide on each chapter with questions and suggested related Scripture passages. 227 pp.


Part One: His Voice

The God Who Dreamed (John 1:1,14)

The God Who Pursues (John 1:32-43)

The God Who Came (John 1:46)

The God of Perfect Timing (John 6:17)

The God of Great Grace (John 13:3-5)

The God Who Feeds My Soul (John 6:35)

The God Who Loves Boldly (John 13:1)

The God Who Reclaims the Sacred (John 18:6)

The God of Grave Victory (John 14:1)

The God Who Sends the Song (John 16:7-9)

The God Who Knows Your Name (John 10:11-15)

The God Who Won't Let You Fall (John 10:28)

The God Who Gave His Beauty Away (John 19:17)

The God of Stubborn Faith (John 6:11)

The God Who Proves His Point (John 20:30)

Part Two: Our Choice

Born Once or Born Twice?

The Crowds or the Christ (John 3:3)

Worry or Trust? (John 8:40-45)

At Work or at Odds? (John 12: 2-3)

Earn It or Receive It? (John 6:29)

Division or Unity (John 10:16 & 17: 21-23)

Do You Trust Him or Cuss Him? (John 15:1-3)

Your Way or His? (John 1:23)

Leading or Misleading? (John1:27)

Caring or Condemning? (John 9:1-2)

How Do You See Him? (John 7:25-27)

Guilt or Grace (John 18:25-27)

Ready or Not (John 14:2)

Will You Share the Light? (John 1:11)


Study Guide

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