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The one, all-inclusive, complete and permanent Sunday Missal. It contains all of the official Mass prayers for Sundays and Holydays. It also includes the complete three year cycle of Sunday readings, all of the prayers from the Sacramentary, plus all of the Presidential prayers recited by the celebrant from the altar. These prayers are repeated for each cycle of the readings, thus eliminating unnecessary page turns. Also includes Mass themes and Biblical Commentaries, the People's parts in bold type and four-color illustrations.

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  1. Red Flexible Vinyl: $16.95 (list: $18.95)(#820-7)(Code: 820/09)
  2. Brown Cloth: $23.95 (list: $26.95)(#817-7)(Code: 820/10BN)
  3. Black Cloth: $22.95 (list: $25.95)(#818-5)(Code: 820/22B)
  4. Green Cloth: $22.95 (list: $25.95)(#819-3)(Code: 820/22GNB)
  5. Black Leather (with zipper): $25.95 (list: $28.95)(#820-23)(Code: 820/23)
  6. Giant Type: $20.95 (list: $22.95)(#822-3)(Code: 822/10)
  7. Daily and Sunday Missal Set (Zippered Leather): $74.95 (list: $84)(#822-3)(Code: 825/23)
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