[Canada: $15.95 $10.95] Subtitled: A Journey Through Illness, by Thomas J. Davis.

"The sound of a child's heart breaking is the saddest sound I have ever heard. Melanie told the girls that she had been to the doctor. Mave's first words were, "But your leukemia won't come back, will it?" And then Melanie had to tell them that, yes, Mommy's leukemia was back. Mave said only two words: "Oh, no." She said them quietly. Then she started sobbing, a sound I had never really heard from a small child. Its soft, inward sound was the sound of a soul crashing in on itself." With spiritual and emotional candor, Thomas J. Davis explains how he and his family struggled with faith, love, and hope during his wife's lengthy fight with leukemia. Davis movingly recounts his wife's spirited battle with cancer, from the first diagnosis to the final moments. But he also explores in very personal terms how the illness challenged and changed both family and faith. In the process, he frankly examines both despair and hope, ultimately showing how it is possible to sing the Lord's song in the "strange land" of disease and death. A touching epilogue concludes with a fairy tale told in answer to a child's question: "Where's mommy?".

"I know of no other book that shows with such authenticity how recognition of the goodness of life and longing for the joy of heaven can coexist in one's soul with grief over the absence of the one who died. By speaking honestly both of the dark night of the soul and of the 'moments when darkness is pierced and light shines into the soul,'Davis's book will be a companion to many." - NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF author of Lament for a Son.

THOMAS J. DAVIS is assistant professor of religious studies at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and managing editor of Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation. He lives with his two daughters, Mave and Gwynne, in Danville, Indiana. 183 pp. GOING OUT OF PRINT SO PLEASE ORDER NOW WHILE IT'S STILL AVAILABLE!!!

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