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Ideal for RCIA, preaching and religious education purposes. A fully developed liturgical curriculum for the Sundays and feasts of each liturgical year. The Word & Worship Workbook is the most comprehensive resource available for lectionary-based education and catechesis in a congregational setting. It is an indispensable guide for directors of Christian initiation. It provides valuable resource material for teachers of children and adults during the liturgical season. Preachers can mine it for themes useful in breaking open the word of God. Everyone engaged in liturgically-based education and faith development in the local church will welcome this volume.

Word & Worship Workbook provides formational material grounded in the Gospel of Matthew (Year A), Mark (Year B) or Luke (Year C), its attendant readings and the celebration of the liturgy. The volume provides a thorough exegesis of the three readings for each Sunday and major feast. It suggests step-by-step ways for catechists to guide adults in their reflections on the readings and the liturgy, relating their own stories to the word of God. The volume also contains reflections on doctrine that flow from the liturgy - making liturgy and church doctrine together an invitation to decision, personal transformation and action.

"Word & Worship Workbook is an interdisciplinary compendium like no other. For each season, Sunday, solemnity and feast... Mary Birmingham has brought together pertinent resource material (exegetical, liturgical and doctrinal) and laid it out within the framework of a solid, lectionary-based catechetical session. At the same time, she includes leads to other materials to enhance and provide further development....The three-year series Word & Worship Workbook is a real treasure to have at one's fingertips for preparing Sunday celebrations, homilies and catechetical sessions." --Ron Oakham, O.Carm.

"Mary Birmingham's Word & Worship Workbook is a fine resource for catechists working in the RCIA process or catechists working with children, young people or adults .... The biblical and liturgical scholarship that underlies this book is both authentic and very pastoral. The resource provides innumerable opportunities for participants to be 'knocked breathless' by the reality of God's presence in daily life. It is a presence that calls for conversion." - Maureen Gallagher

"While expensive, the book is certainly worth it. If you can't afford it personally, convince the pastor that the whole parish will benefit from it." --Initiation

Mary Birmingham is director of liturgy, music and Christian initiation at Our Saviour's Catholic Community in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She teaches sacramental and liturgical catechesis for the Diocese of Orlando and is a team member of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate.

Available for each of the liturgical years or as a set. Please specify your preference when ordering. If ordering Year B, or the full set of three volumes, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt. Prices are as follows:

  1. Year A: $32.95 (list: $49.95)(#3826-3)
  2. Year B: $32.95 (list: $49.95)(#3898-0)
  3. Year C: $59.95 (#3747-X)(currently out of print)
  4. All three years: $124.95 (list: $159.85)(#3747-X)

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