MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS (DVD or Video)($14.95)

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Chosen by God. Inspired by faith. Compelled by love.

In this powerful and inspirational story of love, sacrifice and faith, follow the life of one of the world's most beloved figures, Mary, Mother of Jesus. A compelling portrayal of a mother's undying and steadfast love for her son, the film celebrates her humanity, her humility, and her gracefulness. Mary's faith is tested as she must accept her son's destiny, endure his brutal suffering and death, and dedicate her life to the sharing of his message of love and salvation. Wonderfully directed, Christian Bal and Pernilla August provide stellar and unforgettable performances in this truly remarkable and miraculous story.

When recalling the popular depiction of Mary -saintly, pure, virginal it's troubling to imagine her as a young teenage girl who technically gave birth to an illegitimate child. But, there's more to the mother of Jesus than the idealistic image with which we've become familiar.

Discover the Mary we rarely see the poor, illiterate child of working parents who, while beset by hardship, was yet destined for greatness. Join scholars and biblical historians as they investigate the frightful living conditions around the beginning of the first century and try to piece together what life was like for a little Jewish girl growing up under Roman rule.

Follow Mary as she grows older, and gives birth to Jesus. Share her daily struggle to raise the child who will eventually be worshipped by billions. Watch as her son rises to glory, and investigate the possibilities of siblings for Jesus. Lastly, learn what became of Mary after the death of her son.

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