GENESIS by John Scullion ($19.95)+

LP: 0-8146-5659-5

In consequence of his wide knowledge of other scholars' work on Genesis, Father Scullion offers students, teachers, and preachers an overview of those scholars' viewpoints even as he presents his own analysis.

His thorough exegesis, based on his translation of the Hebrew text, reveals Genesis as a complex-chain narrative that presents a theological rather than a historical story with roots in Ancient Israel's oral tradition.

In presenting his analysis, Father Scullion attends first to the general structure and theological thrust of the larger units of Genesis, namely the primeval story, the Abraham cycle, the Jacob cycle, and the Joseph story. He turns his attention then to the individual passages that make up the unit, the main concern in each being the literary structure and the theological thrust. Brief notes historical, archaeological, and philological follow the comments on each passage. A general theological survey ends the section on the primeval story; excursuses on the patriarchs in history, the religion of the patriarchs, and the promise to the patriarchs conclude the section on the patriarch story.

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