GLIMPSES OF GLORY: Daily Reflections on the Bible ($12.95)


Sometimes all it takes is a glimpse to keep us going. A navigator catches sight of the north star, and corrects the ship's course. We took into the eyes of someone who understands us, and we can face what is ahead with renewed courage.

Glimpses of Glory seeks to give us such glimpses into the Bible. Sometimes what we see will startle; sometimes it will console. Sometimes it will delight us with its humanity; other times it will drive us to our knees with its divinity. But always the glimpse will invite us into a more intimate relationship with the Bible and the God who is revealed to us in it.

Each meditation in this book is based on a short scripture passage which should be read along with the study. (The New Revised Standard Version is a helpful and reliable translation, and is used for all quotes in the studies unless otherwise indicated.) Questions for discussion and/or reflection follow, making this a book that is easily adaptable for either individual or group use. Some of the studies are attuned to a particular season of the church year. (This reflects the fact that they were originally written as monthly Bible study columns for the magazine Presbyterians Today and its predecessor Presbyterian Survey.) Groups who use them on a monthly basis may want to take note of this and use them accordingly. The meditations are by no means limited to these special seasons, however, and may be read at any time and in any order. As the subtitle of this book indicates, they are certainly appropriate guides for daily meditation.

The book is divided into three sections of ten studies each. The first section, Stories of God's Surprises, explores the ways in which God delights in the unexpected. Sometimes the surprise is on the biblical characters, and other times it is on us! Either way, these stories underscore the fact that God - while utterly faithful - is also utterly unpredictable.

The second set of studies deals with Neglected Texts. These overlooked or misunderstood passages are often avoided out of confusion or discomfort, or they may simply have slipped into the shadows of more familiar verses. All of them, however, have much to offer those who dare to seek them out and dust them off.

The third section, Bible Portraits, looks at biblical saints and sinners, seeking to recognize the ways in which their stories intersect with our own. These studies make a conscious attempt to get beyond the caricatures that often pass for portraits of these biblical characters. By portraying them in as full and faithful a way as possible, we hope that their lives and witnesses may be restored to contemporary Christians in fresh ways. Portraits include: Hannah and her sisters, Jezebel, Jonah, Mary and Martha, Andrew, Mary Magdalene, Sarai, Mrs. Job and Elijah.

One final word: Although these studies were originally published in a Presbyterian magazine, they are by no means directed solely to Presbyterians. These glimpses are offered in the spirit of Isaiah 40:5, where we are assured that "the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together."

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