"Read this story of one girl's life and then go out and live yours. Don't wait. Read it and start living." - Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles.

This is the inspiring story of a family that finds strength and peace in the struggles and eventual death of a 15 year old daughter with cancer. Written by young Isabell's mother and incorporating excerpts from "Belli's" insightful diaries and letters, this book is an eloquent testimony to life and hope, a Diary of Anne Frank for today.

"I found this to be a remarkably realistic and compelling story of facing death by a teenage daughter and her mother, displaying all of the emotions linked with terminal illness and yet providing the reader with a magnificent challenge to shore up one's own spiritual foundations." - Granger Westberg, author of Good Grief.

"This is a beautiful story of how a fifteen-year-old girl faces impending death from cancer. Strongly woven throughout is the thread of a family who is tender, loving and supportive. The book has the power to instill understanding and courage to any reader facing a similar situation." - Irene and Merton Strommen, authors of Five Cries of Grief.

"A moving story of every parent's worst fear - walking through the rough road with a child to their death. We watch as they open to God, who gives faith and courage so that "Belli" dies with dignity, 'like a princess'. - Corinne Chilstrom, author of Andrew, You Died Too Soon.

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