PARABLES OF JUDGMENT by Robert Farrar Capon ($14)*


Having written about what he calls the parables of the kingdom and the parables of grace in two earlier volumes, Robert Farrar Capon here discusses the parables of judgment - spoken as well as acteduring the last part of Jesus' ministry.

Capon demonstrates how Jesus' message of divine judgment, in contrast to the notions of both his enemies and his friends, is always presented against the backdrop of grace. Indeed, Capon argues, the key to the parables of judgment is inclusion before exclusion, acceptance before judgment: grace ever remains the sovereign consideration.

"If you think that you have seen and heard everything there is to see and hear in Jesus' parables of judgment, then you haven't looked or listened with Robert Farrar Capon. Anyone who cares about Scripture will be edified through Capon's interpretive work." - William Willimon

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