"An extraordinarily honest, informed and probing address to the doubts that confront the person of faith - and a firm affirmation of the conviction, nonetheless, that only faith in God recognizes reality for what it is and gives full meaning to life. Kelly James Clark does not dodge hard questions and does not give evasive or mushy answers. Vividly and engagingly written, with superb citations from other writers, it's compelling reading." - NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF, Yale Divinity School

"Clark probes the question of doubt - especially doubt for the 'believer' - with great courage, but also with great delicacy. If his questions threaten one's own scheme, then he has perhaps done the work be set out to do. In the end, though, it is a work springing, like the work of Dante or Pascal, from faith. " - THOMAS HOWARD, St. John's Seminary

"Absorbing. This is a terrific book - mature, insightful, and, above all, full of life. ... Lots of people write on this topic, but few write with such vitality and sheer wakefulness. " - CORNELIUS PLANTINGA JR., Calvin Theological Seminary

"A wise and deceptively simple book, written with a simple directness that engages the reader. One is confident from the outset that one is going to be taken on an intellectual and spiritual journey by a guide who knows the way. A nice mixture of autobiographical anecdotes and literary references salts the text. Clark is a clear- headed philosopher whose faith enhances his reason." - RALPH McINERNY, University of Notre Dame

"Superb, in every way fine, a nice read - as 'they' say - and ever so luminous. I have learned a lot from it, want to consult it and recommend it." - LEWIS B. SMEDES, Fuller Theological Seminary

Kelly James Clark is associate professor of philosophy at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also the author of Return to Reason: A Critique of Enlightenment Evidentialism and a Defense of Reason and Belief in God.

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