Subtitled: Short-story Snapshots of the Human Spirit. By John M. Eades, Ph.D. After 20 years of healing the ravaged psyches of addicted individuals and nearly burning himself out, John Eades resigned his position as a therapist and began a one-year sabbatical to repair the ragged remains of his soul. The result of Eades' exploration into the purpose of life and the meaning of spirituality is this collection of life-transforming stories.

The author has based all of these powerful and penetrating stories on real people and real events in his life - though he does include a liberal dose of literary license at times, as befits any Southern storyteller. These are stories of wisdom and foolishness; good and evil; love and hate; sin and salvation; greed and generosity; forgiveness and revenge; triumph and failure; celebration and regret; kindness and meanness; the healthy and the handicapped; the broken and the whole.

You will find yourself both soothed and severely shaken as Eades opens the door to the human soul for you - sharing all the light and darkness that lies within each of us, yet always offering hope and a vision of our world as a better place. If you are in need of an emotional or spiritual sabbatical yourself, spend a few hours reading these stories - you will find a new perspective on life and renewal of your soul.

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